Thursday, May 06, 2021
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We have compiled the latest news and resources related to the self storage industry in your state.


The national SSA has many resources and webinars available focused on COVID-19 and our industry.  Click here to access news about COVID-19 and self storage.  Invitations to register for the webinars are being sent to state and national members, specifically, the primary contact's email address.


For the latest information from Illinois on the COVID-19 pandemic, visit the governor’s office website and your state’s department of health here. Be sure to carefully monitor the situation and check on updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), regulatory agencies as well as local health officials.

Please also read the letter from Tim Dietz, SSA President and CEO, that provides resources and information related to states of emergency and pricing restrictions here



April 1, 2020:

New Leave Law to Impact Storage Industry, Effective April 1

As reported last week, the new federal leave law takes effect on April 1. Employers must provide notice to their employees immediately if they have not done so already. The notice can be found here

SSA’s updated FAQs can be found here. The updated FAQs answer questions on issues such as the posting requirements for the notice and the limited exemption available to employers with fewer than 50 employees. 

The Department of Labor’s complete FAQs can be found here

Employers are strongly encouraged to discuss the new law with their legal counsel. Please email Joe Doherty,, with any questions.



March 22, 2020:

Governor Pritzker’s order requires all non-essential businesses to close. This order allows, but does not require, self storage businesses to remain open.

The order defines essential businesses to include real estate services; supply chain companies; businesses that provide products needed for people to work from home; businesses that provide support for other essential businesses and operations. All of these apply to self storage.

Businesses that remain open must comply with the Social Distance Requirements in the order. These include designating six-foot spacing for employees and customers in line to maintain appropriate distance; having hand sanitizer and sanitizing products readily available for employees and customers; implementing separate operating hours for elderly and vulnerable customers; and posting online whether a facility is open and how best to reach the facility and continue services by phone or remotely.

Please email Joe Doherty,, with any questions.


Legislative Efforts


March 2020 - Statewide Parking Tax Update

Department of Revenue Provides Long-Awaited Response to IL-SSA’s Comments to Parking Tax Regulations

After waiting several months, the Illinois Department of Revenue has responded to IL-SSA’s comments to the parking tax regulations. Below is a brief summary of what we know at this time. We are still awaiting the final regulations but do not expect changes to the following information. We will provide more detailed responses to FAQs in the coming weeks. 

  • Operators with four or more parking spaces must register with the DOR and collect and remit the tax once the fourth parking space is rented. Operators with three or fewer rented parking spaces are exempt from collecting and remitting the tax.
  • The tax must be collected on all payments received on or after January 1, 2020, even if the lease was entered before that date.
  • The tax does not apply to payments received in 2019, even if those payments were for vehicle or parking storage that occurred in 2020.
  • The tax does not apply to the parking or storage of watercraft or aircraft.
  • For vehicles stored in enclosed units, the tax applies only if the operator knows at the time the lease is entered that the unit will be used to park or store a vehicle. In this case, the tax applies to the full rental amount even if the unit contains other property.
  • The tax rate is 6% for daily and weekly parking and 9% for monthly and yearly parking. These rates are in addition to any other applicable parking taxes such as those in the City of Chicago and Cook County.

Please email Joe Doherty with any questions.

Click for the proposed regulations and SSA’s comment letter 


May 6, 2019 - Notice to Self Storage Owners In Illinois


STOP Illinois SB1379


On May 9, the Illinois legislature is hearing a bill that, if passed, will harm your business. SB1379 would require you to turn over your facility’s income and expense data – including tax returns, P&Ls, and rent rolls – to the county assessor’s office on an annual basis. Please immediately submit a witness slip here to voice your opposition to the bill. The witness slip will give you the option either include your opposition on the record, provide oral testimony at the hearing, or provide written testimony prior to the hearing.


Please email Joe Doherty with any questions.



Update - April 2019


IL-SSA and SSA are working to defeat legislation that would require storage operators to provide income and expense data to the county assessor’s office on an annual basis.  If you have not done so already, please immediately submit a witness slip here to voice your opposition to the bill. The witness slip will give you the option either include your opposition on the record, provide oral testimony at the hearing, or provide written testimony prior to the hearing.


Changes to the International Building Code Affect Self Storage - April 2019

With the support of its Code Committee, the Self Storage Association successfully pursued several key changes to the 2021 International Building Code. 

  1. An exception has been added to IBC Section 2902.3.3 to permit an increase in the location (to greater than every other floor) and maximum distance of travel (to greater than 500 ft) for restrooms. The location and travel distance must be approved by the code official.
  2. The maximum allowable height of sprinklered facilities made of Type IIB materials (unprotected steel) and Type IIIB materials (noncombustible or fire-retardant-treated wood stud exterior walls and any interior construction) has been increased from 3 stories to 4 stories. The Code continues to have total floor and building square footage limits. 
  3. Pursuant to modified IBC Section 903.2.9, storage facilities are exempt from the automatic sprinkler system requirement if: (1) the total fire area is 12,000 sq. ft. or less; (2) the combined total fire areas are 24,000 sq. ft. or less; (3) the facility is no greater than one story above grade plane; and (4) all storage spaces are accessed directly from the exterior. 
These changes go into effect as they are adopted by local and state governments over the next several years. Prior to the adoption on the local and state level, storage developers can request that the code official rely on the 2021 changes as acceptable alternative methods of construction pursuant to section 104.11 of the existing International Building Code.
Please email Joe Doherty with any questions or to receive supporting documentation for these changes.




Illinois Self Storage Association Standardized Lease

Tired of spending time and money on drafting leases? Members of the IL-SSA can purchase a standard rental agreement designed specifically for self storage operators in Illinois for $295. Please call (703) 575-8000 x111 or click here to order your copy today. To be eligible for lease purchase, you must:

  • Be a member of the IL-SSA in good standing (all dues paid)
  • Operate a facility(s) in Illiniois and intend to use said Lease at the facility(s)
  • Agree not to distribute, sell or reproduce lease agreement to or for any person or entity not entitled to use the Lease.
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